With Blackhorse Transport you get a wide range of versatile and professional services to meet your every transport need. We have you covered no matter the job.

Powerful Trucks

A range of trucks especially for you to handle any of your most sophisticated needs.

Versatile Trailers

Unloading and loading are easy with us. Our trailers can handle the most cumbersome packaging and bulk products.

Spacious Parking

You can leave your equipment in safety. We offer you a place where you can stop and relax.

Modern Storage

Sometimes you need to wait. We have this covered. We can keep your goods. Frozen, chilled or ambient temperature. We will take care of it.

Experienced Staff

We are more hands-on than office workers and this keeps us running. Contact with you, your needs and our business.

Professional Execution

We strive to seek the best solution. We guarantee you excellent service without any unnecessary add-ons.

Blackhorse Transport

With more than 30 years of experience our company is well positioned to take on your next project.